Q: Where did such and such mod go? it used to be here?
A: If you cannot find a mod that used to be here it's probably been deleted due to lack interest in the project. If you wish to download it again you can try searching the Minecraft Forums for it.

Q: Can I use one of your mods in a modpack?
A: Please read the Modpack Policies page

Q: I can't find an old version of a mod. Can you send me a link please?
A: No, if you cannot find a older version of the mod under the previous versions of the mod, chances are I do not have it either.

Q: Can you make this mod in for a previous version?
A: No, porting a mod to a previous version of Minecraft is more difficult then porting it forward. Especially between 1.7 and 1.6.

Q: What do your version numbers mean?
A: Take for example the version

  • The first number (1) stands for the major version. The major version will never resets and will increment usually whenever the major version of Minecraft increments.
  • The second number (2) stands for the minor version. This number resets when the major version changes and will increment when something is added to the mod.
  • The third number (3) stands for bug fix versions. This number resets when the minor version is changed and will increment when the mod is updated only to squash bugs.
  • The forth (4) number is the build number. This number never resets and increments whenever the mod is update for anything.

Still have a question or just wish to contact me about something? email me at duke6605@gmail.com, or contact me via the Minecraft forums

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